I just don't understand LinkedIn. A mild rant by a middle aged woman.

So here's my ramble about LinkedIn....

I just don't get it. I use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and feel I get the level of social interaction I'm after. A couple of likes, loves and retweets is all I need to feel like I'm a social media genius.

Facebook is easy. This is where my friends, family and acquaintances are and is where I can really be me. Few holds barred (notice "few" not "no", I'm not a complete idiot). I can swear. I can write shit about shit and I get lots of likes and my place in this world is confirmed as "yeah, you're alright you are."

Then there's Twitter. This is for brief bragging. "Hey we're filming in X today, look at how gorgeously successful we are." Here I'm most hoping someone searches #videoproduction, sees our works and offers us lots of money to make a fab film. This has actually happened, minus the lots of money bit, of course.

Then there's Instagram.

I use it just for business. I post photos of camera equipment and lovely locations for other camera cronies to swoon over.

As movimitchell says, "Nicee"

Which leaves me with LinkedIn. I tend to post Twitter type brag posts. I get nowhere. No likes, no comments, nada. I feel like I'm a kid at a family wedding desperately trying to behave herself in front of the big important people. I've tried everything to engage with people! I like their stuff (sometimes forcing myself to do so), I answer their messages, I endorse skills, I add everyone.....but nothing! I don't know why I'm bothered really, I'm in a virtual room full of people (some of whom look vaguely familiar) looking for what? More work? More connections? Well, maybe. But it really isn't working for me.

Somebody once unfriended me on Facebook (which I took ridiculously personally at aged 45) and when I asked them why, they said "we're not friends, I've kept you on LinkedIn as that's more professional". What? So is this a place to stay loosely connected with people in case I become more successful, better connected, win the lottery or get a contract with Spielberg? D-bag.

video production - ballet legs!

I've researched the etiquette of LinkedIn. It is indeed a different beast to all the other social media platforms. You have to remain professional at all times - ok, this is difficult for me. I still laugh at untimely farts and double entendres. And perhaps this is the problem. Don't get me wrong, we make serious films for serious customers, but when you're working together you need to smile at times, yeah?

Ballet Cymru actively encourage a bit of foolishness. That's me on the right, showing them how it's really done.

So, with all of this in mind, I did what I never do and asked my husband (chartered marketeer and all round sensible chap) for advice. Here's what he said "LinkedIn is about content marketing. If you just say 'hey we're Red Beetle Films, ask us to make a make a film', you will not get anywhere. But if you write a piece about how video can help a business grow, by getting more customers, raising it's search rank and so on, then people will like that. Just be useful."

So, there we go. Years of wondering why nobody likes me on LinkedIn and 1 minute later I have the answer. So what did I do next? Write a waffly blog about not understanding LinkedIn. But this is just for starters. More practical, useful stuff is on it's way. Watch out LinkedIn. There's a new Linkedich in town and I will be LinkedIn popular - ish.

P.S. Thanks for endorsing me for some skills I didn't know I had! How does that even work? Does Linkedin make suggestions? Anyhow, someone has endorsed my skill at using Avid Media Composer - gotta say I am better at making toast than using that.

P.P.S. If anyone just wants a film made (and does not need very useful information to initially entice them) then please just get in touch :-)

#linkedin #videoproduction #socialmedia

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