Filming in hard to get to places!

Next week we are filming in Pontypool and two of the places we need to get to (the Grotto and the Folly) are generally only accessible for walkers. We need to get a camera jib and all the kit to the locations so walking for a couple of hours up a steep hill is not going to be an option. Google maps didn't help with any secret routes. So, today we went on a reccy! We walked for hours! Anyhow, the point of this little blog is - don't always trust Google maps when location scouting! We found lanes that led to both locations - and they didn't show up on Google maps. A quick chat with a helpful farmer and now next week's shoot is sorted! We'll be filming in and around Pontypool in Torfaen.....come and say hello!

#videoproduction #pontypool #folly

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