Red Beetle Films get their tights on!

Well we've been a bit rubbish at updating our blog - that's a good sign really - we're busy!

So, here's a recap of May 2016! :

We were asked to by Darius of Ballet Cymru to come and film their fabulous production of Roald Dahl's Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs." What a fab show! It's on next at the Wales Millennium Centre on 4th December 2016 - go see it!

We've never filmed a ballet before and were excited to be filming 3 separate performances at the Riverfront. The final result was to be one edited performance and one trailer, for DVD and online use.

Brilliant, we thought - let's throw everything at this. We've got cranes, glide tracks, Go-Pro's, drones and our HD cameras - we've so got this! Then we were told that there would be an audience and to calm down! Three static cameras was all we could have.

Ballet Cymru Camera set up

Despite these restrictions it went amazingly well. We were able to record sound straight from the mixing desk so perfect quality for post-production. For the final mix we did add the audience applause to add to the mood of the video. We went for the classic triangular camera set up and shot each performance with a different lens length. The final edit was tricky as each performance differed slightly but using the sound from just one performance as the main track worked a dream.

We didn't get carried away with ourselves at all. As if we as true professionals would get up on stage and do our own ballet? Never.

So, the DVDs were produced....

And delivered to the lovely, lovely people at Ballet Cymru!

Can't wait to share the Trailer with you! We've been asked back to do more filming with Ballet Cymru which is the best compliment or recommendation we could ask for - thanks guys x

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