Hello Crane! Filming adverts in Pontypool today!

Today we christened our new camera jib, otherwise called a crane. By pure beautiful chance it's first use was in Crane Street Baptist Chapel in Pontypool. That is karma right there. Everything we film using this crane/jib will now be blessed. The chapel has the most amazing glass ceiling and the jib worked a treat. We paired it up with the Atomos Shogun and a 14mm Samyang Cine lens and cannot wait to share the results! We're filming a series of short adverts for the Council to promote Pontypool Town.

The afternoon involved racing from trader to trader. Apparently there are over 160 independent traders in Pontypool Town. We covered as many as we could! The geeks in the crew spent far too long talking to the wonderful watchmaker in the market. Here he is fixing a 200 year old pocket watch and explaining it's remarkable history.

#advert #corporatefilm #crane #jib

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